It is an innovation challenge open to all above 16 years of age. If you have an idea or a concept that has the potential to benefit or enrich or add to the technology universe or the business community or the Tricity’s Infrastructure/environment, then the Innovation Challenge is the platform to showcase it to the world.

You can compete as an individual, or as a team of maximum 5 members. To enter the competition, you have to first register yourself/team on the website. Subsequently, your idea/concept note has to be submitted on the website’s homepage. A submission field on the home page has been provided for this purpose. The registration is free for all participants. Since this is a competition to discover bold and innovative solutions, the focus is on the uniqueness and technical feasibility of the solution itself – business plans are not required to be submitted.

After registration, it’s time to work on the details of your concept/prototype/model. Make sure you submit the final concept by final concept by 22 November, 2018.

After receipt of entries, a jury comprising distinguished members of ISB’s faculty and CAN, will screen the ideas for their strength of concept, commercial viability and possible impact on the intended target audience. Only original ideas which are deemed fit by the judges will be shortlisted.

Teams whose ideas make it to the first shortlist will be asked to present their ideas in person to a jury. Post which the best will be announced.

Participants whose ideas are judged to be the best will be acknowledged in the pages of The Times of India. They will be offered the opportunity to be mentored as part of a boot-camp conducted by leading members if Academia and Industry.

There are no separate age groups. All the participants are in the same group.


To enter the competition, you must have a concept note or a working prototype. Entries are accepted in the form of a PPT, PDF note, MS Word document or a video. The entry may also come in the form of a URL. Entries can be submitted through the submission field provided in the homepage.

The concepts will be judged on the following parameters-

  • Uniqueness of the idea/strength of the concept
  • Feasibility/practicality of the idea, especially from a commercial perspective
  • Scaling potential
  • Impact of the idea on the intended target audience
  • Clarity in presentation

The submission of entries is open from Oct 23, 2018 and will continue till Nov 22, 2018.

Thereafter, all the entries will be subject to a thorough screening by a jury. The first shortlist will be announced in the first week of December, 2018.

The second and final shortlist will be announced in the second week of December, 2018.

This will be followed by a boot-camp and a felicitation ceremony. The timeline of the boot-camp will be communicated later with shortlisted participants.

The felicitation ceremony will be conducted in January, 2019.

Each team will be given 15 minutes to present. This will be followed by a QnA session for up-to 10 minutes.

You can submit entries only in English.

While it is encouraged that you participate in a team of 2 (Maximum 5), we also allow participants to register themselves as solo entrants as well.

Each participating team that submits a complete idea as part of the Innovation Challenge 2018 will get given a certificate.

Every team that makes it to the Final Shortlist will be given a Certificate of Merit.

Every team whose idea is judged to be among the winners will be awarded a Certificate of Excellence. Along with other forms of acknowledgement.